Unlocking the value of
infrastructure investments​

Joining forces is the key to success. That’s why we combine engineering and financial expertise with an entrepreneurial mindset to deliver tailored solutions for resilient infrastructure projects. ​

Our Approach to Resilience

Our approach seeks to propose value-for-money interventions that will help the asset absorb the impacts of adverse shocks, enhance recovery efforts, and prepare against future risks. Delivering on that vision we are committed to demonstrate that: ​

Resilience is not an add-on cost​

It can be the vehicle for untapping funds
and better financing terms.​

Resilience is not a simple metric

It is a multi-dimensional property that integrates technical, financial, and governmental elements.

Resilience is not a single-asset property

Enhancing the robustness of any single asset is a key ingredient but not prerequisite for resilience. Resilience is a system attribute that can be delivered by building redundancies, constraining origins of business disruption, and re-negotiating insurance contracts.

Resilience is not a once-off service

It is a set of planning decisions that are constantly updated in response to the increasing climate threats , the gradual aging of assets, the urbanization, the volatility of asset valuation and the ever-evolving community expectations.

Our work

We create bespoke infrastructure solutions. We draw on our multidisciplinary skills to deliver the latest thinking and respond to the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Climate Frameworks

Climate Toolkits for Infrastructure PPPs

Grid has partnered with the World Bank and the IFC to create an umbrella framework and sector-specific guidance for the systematic evaluation of low-carbon and resilient developments in private sector participation investments.



Resilience Investments

Optimizing Rehabilitation Funds for US Highways

Grid was selected by the National Technical Institute of Standards and Technology to create an online tool for building resilience of highways. Using a novel instance of the tool, the user can screen the cost and benefits of alternative rehabilitation plans and optimize funds allocation to critical components/links of the transportation network.


Our clients

We partner with development banks, government agencies, infrastructure investors, global consulting and engineering firms to deliver our vision for sustainable green climate-resilient infrastructure.​

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