Who we are

We integrate expertise and business culture to combine the various aspects of infrastructure projects under one flow, one value proposition, one system dynamic. We bring together an interdisciplinary team of practitioners in engineering, planning, finance risk, design, and operations to advise technical consultants, financiers, insurers, developers, investors, operators of infrastructure, on how to improve climate and disaster resilience of infrastructure and maximize the benefits of investing in sustainability.

Our Story

What started as an exploratory discussion between two seemingly controversial teams about a project challenge that was neither purely financial nor entirely technical, was meant to be the beginning of our journey to build Grid Advisors. It soon became evident that our teams’ shared vision for the sustainable infrastructure of the future would only be served if we could understand each other and work together without diluting each other’s identity.

Today, Grid Advisors is blending  Grid Capital – a team with vast experience in international project procurement and execution-  and Grid Engineers -a group with global credentials in infrastructure design, risk modelling and resilience optimization. Although the two groups operate under the same roof, they continue to offer expert consulting services in their fields, while joining forces whenever a common offering serves the clients’ needs best.

Being small we can go into details

Our vision

Our experts offer a vision for modern urban communities, where the resilience dividend is properly appraised, effectively captured, and equitably distributed to all stakeholders.

We are therefore bringing on board the expertise needed to plan, design, build and operate the sustainable infrastructure of tomorrow. From preparation and strategy development to integration, implementation and training, we help our Clients bounce forward by responding to the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Our Approach

At Grid, we know that every case is different; that is why our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of every specific project. Our team comprises exclusively expert consultants who are able to dive into details in their respective fields and who can work together to demonstrate interactions among them when customizing our approach.

Global reach

We work around the globe advocating our vision for infrastructure resilience

Geographical distribution of
2022 turnover
Americas 37%
Asia 10%
Europe 43%
Africa 10%

Faithful to our vision for sustainability and climate resilience, we have committed to achieve net zero emissions across our operations by 2040.

Our core values


We are committed to pursuing excellence in all the technical fields we are serving. Whenever any part of the required experience is not available in house, we are determined to collaborate with international experts in order to embed the state-of-the-art in our projects.


We are in business to help achieve a better future by combatting climate change and promoting sustainability and equitable allocation of the resilience dividend to its beneficiaries. We are an equal opportunities employer supporting the vision of a socially sustainable future.

Result-driven success

Since day 1, our success has been built on exceptional results. This comes from an understanding of the problem, its context and limitations, and an internal drive to go the extra miles in order to better serve our clients and the community.

Our team

We are a boutique advisory practice with global credentials.
We are team of engineers, financial advisors, risk analysts, climate consultants and subject matter experts.
We love challenges, creation and high-performance.
We advocate for gender equality, diversity, and inclusivity.

Leadership team

Rallis Kourkoulis, PhD
Rallis Kourkoulis, PhD
Co-founder of Grid Engineers,
Managing Partner
Fani Gelagoti, PhD
Fani Gelagoti, PhD
Co-founder of Grid Engineers,
Managing Partner
Konstantinos Kotoulas
Konstantinos Kotoulas
Director of Infrastructure Finance,