Development of a guidance document for governments, development partners and advisors to support the inception, selection, design, preparation, and management of sustainable and climate-resilient PPP infrastructure. The toolkit describes a coherent flow that runs along the PPP-cycle discussing interactions and trade-offs among technical, economic, financial and contractual decisions. Specific guidance is provided on the following areas: How and why to assess climate risks during the early stages of a project, and how these early decisions may impact the long-term viability of the project. How to design for climate uncertainty and what are the recommended tools and methodologies to account for this uncertainty in the project appraisal. How to leverage green financing opportunities and how the PPP project may benefit from blending innovative funding/financing sources into traditional project finance. How to measure resilience and how to include relevant provisions in tender documents and request for quotes.

Who can use it

  • EMDE’s Governments, Ministries and PPP Units
  • DFI officials leading/supporting climate endeavors​
  • Technical and financial advisors involved in the preparation and procurement of Private Investments and Public- Private Partnerships 

Climate Frameworks





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