We have participated in the EU-funded PANOPTIS project (Horizon 2020), which fosters the development of a decision support platform to increase the climate resilience of transportation infrastructure against weather-related hazards (flooding/landslides). The project’s main goal was to combine climate change scenarios applied to road infrastructure with engineering simulation tools, as well as IT and sensing, in order to provide decision-makers with an integrated tool able to: (a) Determine infrastructure vulnerability, provide early warnings against extreme weather and diagnose damage; (b) Support informed decision making regarding mitigation strategies against the adverse effects of climate-related hazards; (c) Improve system and infrastructure component sustainability and operations, both pre-event (risk reduction) and post-event (impact reduction). The PANOPTIS platform will be implemented in a motorway section of the Spanish primary transportation network, operated by ACCIONA under a public-private partnership (PPP) contract.

Climate and Natural Disasters Risk

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