The scope of our built-in-house INFRARRED engine is to allow upstream decision-making on integrating climate considerations and disaster resilience of infrastructure systems. This tool has been developed over the past three years (while its features are constantly updated) as a response to an observed increasing need of several clients for a platform that can run through all layers of projects involving multiple stakeholders (financier, designer, contractor, concessionaire, operator) as is typically the case with transportation, water, ICT, and energy-related infrastructure. The platform uses a multi-criteria approach in order to be able to serve the needs/interests of the stakeholders and create an ecosystem able to combine relevant data towards meaningful decisions (e.g., how a specific design may increase the climate benefits, how resilience can be monetized through better insurance, how to optimize design against multiple hazards). The tool has been used for the climate/disaster resilience enhancement of several infrastructure projects including several Private-Public-Partnerships internationally.

Resilience Investments

Road Transportation